World Vegan Day Strikes Again

For the last two years, I have recruited my (willing) family and friends to take part in World Vegan Day (WVD) which simply entails being vegan for the day. Cutie Zoraya is the perfect example making seitan sausages in the photo above! Last year 66 non-vegans signed up to take part, whereas this year we had an increase of almost 14%, with 75 non-vegans committing to veganism for the day (It would have been 76 but Beautiful Friend Mona had gone vegan since WVD 2016 so she doesn’t count anymore). 

It’s always interesting to see the array of approaches that people take in conquering their vegan day. Some struggle, some do the bare minimum and survive (acceptable but not advised) and some launch themselves head-first. Overall, I was overwhelmed by the effort that everyone made for WVD this year, in particular Lovely Auntie Lynne. Being a super-fussy eater, I was surprised when Lovely Auntie Lynne opted to be 100% vegan this year (she went veggie for WVD 2016). In doing so, she tried lots of new food and I was very impressed! 

Aside from everyone being wonderfully vegan for the day, several other unique positives came out of this year’s WVD, including: 

  • Mega Friend Martin said that he was impressed with the vegan restaurant he got his lunch from and he’ll be returning. 
  • Lovely Friend Jayyyyyviss said he might go vegan for a week to see how he feels. 
  • Both Mega Friends Marc and Mark (notice the different spelling) said that their lunchtime wraps were surprisingly satisfying. 
  • Lovely Friend Alicia said that she will now eat vegetarian food and then see how it goes from there – how exciting?! 
  • Mega Bestie Andaroo said that he might do a vegan day a week to help curb his craving for cheese. 
  • Mega Friend Chrissy has found a new plant-based milk she likes. 

Some of the super participants sent me photos of their adventures on WVD. My photo editing skills have butchered the lovely pictures so please accept my sincere apologies and I’ll try and do better next year. If you’d like to know more about any of the pictures, then please feel free to comment below. 



Assuming you’re non-vegan, do you think you could do a vegan day?

It might be a lot easier than you think. Check out these lists of accidentally vegan items in both the UK and the US. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 💚

11 thoughts on “World Vegan Day Strikes Again

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Hahah I think you are too kind with regards to the photos 🙂

      If you’d like to try going vegan for the day, then let me know if you want any ideas of what to eat. There are tons of choices out there these days 💚


    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Yea I thought it was great too 🙂 Definitely not as difficult as it used to be and I think people associate veganism with times when they were not many options (or none!) available. Fortunately now we can go to the supermarket and pick up a ton of vegan items, they are becoming as popular as the non-vegan items, haha! 💚

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