The Pet Shelter Hypocrisy

The photo above (cover photo) was doing the rounds on Facebook. If not clear, the photo is of a set of three vouchers used by a pet shelter to raise money for the animals they look after. The voucher reads “Thank you for saving a life!” and then “FREE 10-piece chicken McNugget with any purchase”. 

Is anyone else feeling slightly uneasy?

I contacted the shelter and asked whether the photo was in fact from their establishment (incase it was a hoax)…

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 17.19.16

They didn’t respond after the above message.

The whole idea of helping one animal by sacrificing another makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I LOVE that this shelter care so much for helping pets, but we should never help one animal if it means purposely (and unnecessarily) hurting another.

We wouldn’t raise money for a farm animal sanctuary by offering dog burgers.

If you’re still not getting the strange ideology behind such a voucher, then try to apply the same concept to humans. For example, imagine there is an association which aims to find adoptive families for children in Indian orphanages. To raise awareness, the association needs money. They then make money by selling cheap products made by children working in factories in China.

This. Is. Weird. 

Near my tiny town in Spain there are many events held to raise money for the cats and dogs using the same methods. Recently there was an event held by a local pet shelter with a menu featuring Thai red curry and chilli con carne to entice people (they also offered a vegetable tagine). So I commented on their advertisement…

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 08.39.28.png

They, also, didn’t respond. 

Normally I wouldn’t get involved in calling people out because it can become quite negative, however people that spend their valuable time to work and volunteer at pet shelters will go to extraordinary lengths to help pets… But most of them still contribute to the suffering of farm animals. It boggles my mind!

So this blog post is for all you amazing, lovely, compassionate people who dedicate your lives to helping cats and dogs at shelters. You do an amazing job and you spread a fantastic message but please, please, PLEASE share your compassion with all of the animals. There are no differences between pets and farm animals that justify eating one species and protecting another. They behave the same, they feel the same and neither of them want to die. If you would like any support in cutting out animal products from your diet then I am 100% here for you. 

Please be consistent. Go vegan 💚




27 thoughts on “The Pet Shelter Hypocrisy

  1. MsChurchDress says:

    This has me uneasy as well. Animals are precious and their lives should be preserved as much as possible. No one animal deserves to live while the other dies. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Indrani says:

    What a contrast in the campaign! I guess they realised their folly and withdrew the campaign.
    Wonder what their marketing thinks when they bring out such campaigns.


  3. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree says:

    Wow, that campaign is crazy! I saw it and instantly felt terrible. It’s crazy how deep the hypocrisy goes and how much people just don’t see what you and I see. I’m glad you reached out. Some people just don’t see it and need a spotlight at that sort of thing. It’s not like you were nasty. I hope people start to understand these campaigns send the totally wrong message and don’t do them again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      People genuinely don’t get it. Recently I commented on a local shelter’s post again and I’ve been told that I am extreme – you’d think I’m telling them to kill other animals to save others (that sounds extreme to me!) 💚


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