Crumby Top Ten Recipes of 2018 So Far

Exactly a year ago (weirdly by chance) I posted an article featuring all of my favourite vegan dishes to make at home. It created a lot of positivity and so I thought why not give it another go? Featured below are some of my favourite dishes of 2018. 

So here we go, in no particular order…

1. Marmalade Tofu with Chilli and Cashews by The Hungry Gecko

MarmaladeChickenOur diet in 2018 was massively influenced by a mega Christmas present bought for us by Mega Friends Andaroo and Hazel: Vegan Street Food by Jackie Kearney (aka The Hungry Gecko). I’d followed Jackie Kearney for years after she stood out on Masterchef for being one of the only vegetarians to get so far in the competition. From then on, her food has impressed me more and more but her recipe book is on another level.

This dish in particular is super delicious and not difficult to make at all. Asian inspired cooking at it’s best by combining sweet and spicy all at the same time. You can find the full recipe in her book (Amazon link here).

2. Tacos (with Raw Taco ‘Meat’) by Minimalist BakerTacos

Wonderful Husband is all about Mexican food and he couldn’t wait to try this dish. We ended up eating it for three straight days, with Wonderful Husband attempting to adjust the seasoning until it was perfect (he is a perfectionist!). These tacos were yummy and we found it was best to make the ‘meat’ the day before so that the flavours could marinate with the walnuts (yes, taco meat made from walnuts!). By far the best taco I’ve ever had! You can find the full recipe here.


3. Courgette Salad by BBC Good Food

CourgetteSaladThis salad is super refreshing and we pair it with anything left in the fridge. In this case we had some left over tempeh and the two sides went perfect together.

Note: This salad is all about speed if you have ‘a thing’ about the rest of your food getting wet, as grated courgette likes to seep A LOT of water. I eat this dish as though I’m in a race, and if that doesn’t put you off then you should totally try making it!

The recipe features honey but we replace it with agave syrup. Check out the recipe here.


4. Nasi Lemak by The Hungry GeckoNasiLemak

I LOVE THIS RECIPE!! Another favourite of ours coming straight from the recipe book ‘Vegan Street Food’. Like any exceptional dish, this took quite a long time to make the first time, however with practice it gets easier and the enjoyment of eating this dish outweighs any annoying prep time.

This recipe is all about coconut rice, tempeh, macadamia sambal, roasted peanuts, pickled cucumber salad coming together to make the perfect dish. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this dish.

Wonderful Husband thinks the photo doesn’t do the recipe justice (art is subjective!) and I’m sure the ‘picture frame’ isn’t helping, but 100% have a go at this dish, you won’t be disappointed. You can find the recipe in Jackie Kearney’s book, featured above.

5. Homemade Burgers by Jamie Oliver

ChickpeaBurgersOK I admit it! When I took this photo (back in Sept 2017) I did not like these burgers made from chickpeas. I had an aversion to chickpeas (anything that mushes!) however Wonderful Husband has done a fabulous job of converting me to the dark side of legumes. Even better, I’ve realised that if I replace the avocado and tomato (featured in photo) with mustard and vegan cheese, these burgers are by far MY FAVOURITE BURGERS EVER! I could eat these every day! I think Wonderful Husband suspects that I’m faking the love (and this post could be part of my cover story) but truly I love these burgers and I would recommend everyone to try them. They are also great for making in bulk, freezing and having as a quick meal at a later date. You can find the recipe here.

6. Wicked Asian Ribs by BOSH!Ribs1

This dish blows my mind! Never had I thought I would ever experience the wonder of ribs again, however it turns out that if you bake King Oyster Mushrooms in BBQ sauce, they come out with the texture of RIBS!! Crazy times. We love this recipe however I’m still trying to perfect the sauce, as it’s a bit too sweet for me. On top of that king oyster mushrooms are expensive (I paid €15 for 8!).

So if you’re fancying some ribs but you’re not keen on animals dying so you can gnaw on their bones, then I would highly recommend making this for a treat. The photo featured shows the ‘ribs’ before they are smothered in sauce and baked in the oven. If you’re interested, you can find the recipe here

7. Creamy Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms by Deliciously Ella

MushroomsIf you’re a lover of mushrooms then you might be interested in this one… 

We always need a simple, but super tasty, go-to dish in our recipe inventory. Best of all, this dish has the adaptability to be a snack, an impressive starter, breakfast, lunch or dinner – it’s fantastic regardless of what time of the day you have it! I would highly recommend this dish. You can find the recipe here.


8. Ice Cream made from Bananas(!)BananaIcecream

This isn’t a typical sort of entry but I feel that everyone should know about ice cream made from bananas if they don’t already. You don’t have to compromise on taste, texture and it’s even healthy! Win, win and win.

Featured in the photo is peanut butter ice cream. To make this, I chopped up bananas, froze them and threw them in the blender with some homemade peanut butter. What’s great about this dish is the options are endless, you can make whatever ice cream you fancy!

Nutty dog gives his seal of approval!

9. Laos-Style Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut and Chilli Soup by The Hungry Gecko

SoupThe Hungry Gecko strikes again! This time I’m featuring a super yummy pumpkin soup. Prepare yourself, the depth of flavour goes way beyond pumpkin.

This was an AMAZING dish in the winter and I plan to make it in bulk for the winter coming. I don’t normally look forward to the cold weather but at least it gives me an excuse to make this soup. You can find the recipe in Jackie’s book featured above. 


10. Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl by Whitney BondBuddhaBowl

I love it when I (well, normally Wonderful Husband) finds an amazing recipe by accident. This recipe was the ultimate accident as it’s soooo good!

This dish is all about textures and the sauce. Roasted peanuts give this dish a real crunch, mega sweetness from the sweet potato, freshness from the carrot and the sauce is delicious (I’ve even eaten the sauce on toast before). This recipe is so good that even Lovely (but fussy!) Auntie Lynne might like it. Lovely Auntie Lynne, you can find the mega recipe here.

I hope this post, at the very least, has made you feel peckish. You can find more recipes like the ones above on my Instagram and Recipe Recommendation Page.  

What’s your favourite dish above? Also, can you recommend me any yummy dishes? Preferably vegans ones 😉 

Thanks for reading! 💚

27 thoughts on “Crumby Top Ten Recipes of 2018 So Far

  1. GrAnnie says:

    They all look good enough to eat 😁
    Grandad and I haven’t tried Mexican food so the taco recipe was very interesting.
    Quite honestly I could have tucked into any of this with pleasure.xx


  2. klolszewski says:

    I need to get my hands on the recipe book!!! All of these dishes look SO good, and I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on my next grocery list…..

    The only one that didn’t tickle me was the mushroom dish – but I’m still working on adding mushrooms into things so that Trey and I can attempt to like them haha xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christine Weis says:

    WOW! YUM! These dishes look delish! I’d love to try some of these. Man, do I wish I wish I had someone to cook for me. Haha! I’d eat a lot healthier and make better choices. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ressa Gallardo says:

    Wow, I’m in need for sprucing up my recipes and these all sound amazing! I never thought to mix in chili, tofu, and cashews together. Makes me want to try that as well as the Wicked Asian ribs! Thanks for sharing these dishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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