The 2018 Crumby Vegan Quiz

In light of the new year festivities, I thought I would design a game for us to play:ย Answer the questions below by putting yourself in the animal’s position and picking the most likely answer.

Good luck!

1. If a cow could talk, what do you think she would scream as they drag her child away after giving birth to take her milk?
a) “No you can’t take him away from me!”
b) “What are you doing?! Don’t hurt him!”
c) “Give me back my child!”

2. If an orangutan could talk, what do you think he would scream as his home gets destroyed and his family are killed, all for another factory farm?
a) “Leave my home alone!”
b) “Stop! You’re hurting my family!”
c) “Please! Don’t destroy my home!”

3. If a dolphin could talk, what do you think he would scream as he is taken away from his home to be held in a tank for the rest of his life?
a) “Take me back to my family!”
b) “Let me go!”
c) “Give me back my freedom!”

4. If a horse could talk, what do you think he would scream as a gun is held to his head after he’s fallen in a race?
a) “Please don’t kill me!”
b) “You can’t kill me, I am not worthless!”
c) “Let me live!”

5. If a goose could talk, what do you think he would scream as heย held down by his neck and his feathers are torn from his skin?
a) “Please leave me alone, you’re pulling away my skin!”
b) “You’re hurting me!”
c) “These are my feathers, please stop!”

6. If a dog could talk, what do you think she would scream as her babies are taken away from her and sold?
a) “These are my babies, not your possessions!”
b) “Please don’t take my children away!”
c) “Leave my babies alone!”

7. If a donkey could talk, what do you think he would scream as his body tires from working and he is punished because he can no longer move?
a) “Please don’t hurt me!”
b) “I’m in pain, please don’t make me work any more!”
c) “I don’t want to die!”

8. If a bird could talk, what do you think he would scream as his wings are clipped and he is left in a cage?
a) “Leave my wings alone!”
b) “Please don’t keep me in this cage!”
c) “Let me out!”

9. If a pig could talk, what do you think he would scream as he approaches the slaughter house?
a) “I’m begging you! Please don’t make me go in here!”
b) “I don’t deserve to die!”
c) “I’m so scared! Please don’t do this to me!”

10. If a rabbit could talk, what do you think he would scream when being skinned alive for his fur?
a) “Please don’t hurt me anymore!”
b) “Stop! You’re going to kill me!”
c) “I’m going to die!”

You win! Every answer is equally possible ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

If you’ve answered the questions by imagining how you would feel in these positions then you’re an empathetic person. If you’re an empathetic person, then you’re more likely to feel fantastic by going vegan…ย 

Tomorrow is the best time to start!

If you need help or tips then always feel free to contact me or even better, check out Veganuary (go vegan this January). You will find tons of helpful resources there.ย 

I’m off to learn how to hand-stand (my new years resolution with Mega Friend Kelly!).

Happy new year everyone ๐Ÿ’š





18 thoughts on “The 2018 Crumby Vegan Quiz

  1. erinmorgansblog says:

    At first I thought this was just a fun little game, as I began to read though I realized how serious this post really was.
    I love how passionate you are about veganism, also love the clever title for your blog!
    Although I personally am not vegan, I am absolutely obsessed with any and every animal. My old best friend was vegan and it always made me stop to think how hypocritical I am being. I guess ignorance is my way of dealing with things.
    This post gave me chills and further caused me to really think about how I am going to implement changes this coming new year into my diet, being healthy and being honest. If I honestly love animals as much as I say I do, why do I eat them!?
    I really like your blog and thank you for being so upfront to share this blog post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      I am super overwhelmed by your comment Erin, thank you for being so considerate to take the time and write such a meaningful reply to my post.

      I can understand why some people would avoid reading this post in particular, so thank you for getting through it and being so honest with me about how you feel when it comes to animals.

      If you ever want to start reducing the animal products you eat then I am totally here to help, and if you don’t then I’m always here to chat regardless ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy new year ๐Ÿ’š


  2. vidyatiru says:

    i had to stop after the 2nd question as it was totally too difficult to pick an answer from the choices.. really wonderful way to promote veganism too, by the way.. and agree with the comments that you are a great vegan advocate.. while i am not vegan, i am vegetarian and definitely have been working on eating more plant based products more recently than we already do

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Gosh thank you for such a lovely comment!

      I also feel that anyone that reads past the first question is quite a brave person (or heartless). Genuinely appreciate people like yourself reading my article. Love the fact that you’re eating more plant-based too ๐Ÿ’š


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