Insects vs Vegans vs Piers Morgan

For all of you who are lucky enough to not know who Piers Morgan is, I’m about to burst your bubble… Sorry!

It all started when Greggs, a much loved bakery based in the UK, announced that they would begin to produce a vegan alternative to the classic Greggs sausage roll. Piers Morgan, a man known for being annoying, saw this as a fantastic opportunity to get attention and quickly proclaimed his anger for the vegan snack on Twitter.

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antipiersIt was quite funny for a while. Vegans would taunt Piers Morgan and Piers Morgan would protest, he even came close to fake-vomiting live on telly just to show his detest for the vegan sausage roll. Not only did this create amazing awareness for veganism (thanks!) but Piers Morgan also got a lot of the limelight. This was a genius idea by the PR agency that coincidently represent both Greggs and Piers Morgan.

However, it all went a teeny bit sour when Piers Morgan and his co-host interviewed a panel of vegans, in which he desperately tried to unveil them for the true hypocrites they are (you can find the clip here). During this interview he delivered his killer line: 

Tell me the difference, ideologically, in me wanting a Christmas turkey, right, and you guys eating bread, which you know involves the slaughter of millions of young critters.

His argument being that vegans are hypocrites because they proclaim to love animals yet ‘millions of young’ insects are killed in the production of vegan food (plants).

That’s right Piers Morgan, all vegans are insect-haters. I often dress up in camouflage, go to the local field and stamp really hard, just for fun. 

It can be super tedious answering silly arguments against veganism like the one above, but thinking of a topic for your 71st article isn’t the easiest. So here we go… 

More plants are killed to feed animals than they are humans

As I have explained much better in my previous article ‘But plants have feelings though‘, a lot more plants are killed in order for people to eat animals, therefore a lot more insects are killed for a non-vegan diet. So if you are vegan, you’re actually killing less insects.


There is a huge difference between eating a steak in which a cow has to die compared to eating an apple in which insects don’t need to die (but they probably do). Our intention is to cause the least suffering possible… So it’s a choice of either eating plants and causing the least harm possible or starving. 

Do you think vegans should starve?

Veganism is about doing your best

Veganism isn’t about being perfect and reasonable vegans will recognise that there will always be some amount of suffering associated with our day-to-day actions: eating, walking, driving, using a phone etc. Whatever scenario you’re in, if you’re doing your best then that’s mega (and vegan).

Even if you’re not doing your best, I can bet that you’re doing better than Piers Morgan. 

So to Piers Morgan and all the unreasonable non-vegans trying to find a hole in the vegan agenda, feel free to say more stupid things as I’m always looking for new topics to write about. And to everyone else, thanks for reading 💚


25 thoughts on “Insects vs Vegans vs Piers Morgan

  1. Hyde says:

    Of course there are unavoidable casualties when harvesting plants. The whole point of living vegan is to do the least amount of harm. If eating tofu is 99% Vegan, & 1% non-vegan…who in the hell, aside from zombies, could choose to live a 1% cruelty free, & 99% cruel lifestyle? [98% of the planet’s population…]
    Ain’t no ‘100% vegans’, truly….but, it is, definitively, the route to doing the very least amount of harm.
    What a riot that animal corpse munchers condemn vegans for driving cars, and walking on grass as it ‘murders countless innocent bugs’.
    Sad…they’re grasping at some seriously pathetic straws.
    Piers is such an apt mouthpiece, befitting as a spokesperson for the masses of mindless drones.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. momelite2 says:

    Love, love, love this post!! I’m still fairly new to my vegetarian journey. I love your explanation on causing as little harm as possible. So many people don’t seem to understand this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rhonda Albom says:

    I don’t think there’s a single way to be completely innocent when eating. All food has to come from somewhere, and it’s always going to cause a little damage to other organisms. But it’s ridiculous sometimes how far non-vegans will go to shame people who are just trying to make the world a better place.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Vivienne says:

    I don’t follow Piers Morgan, but I’ve seen him headline articles. However, based on just the headline alone I found him annoying. Lol I enjoyed reading your post and it’s unfortunately that some egotistical non-vegans feel the need to shame vegans. People need to mind their P’s and Q’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reesa Rei says:

    I love how your blog sheds light on veganism! I knew very little about Piers Morgan, and this post has taught me a lot! I say, keep doing your part in saving our planet!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. the26year-oldvegan says:

    This post is the best!! Some people can try to find negatives in everything but what matters is that we are trying to do a little bit to help the planet 🌍 Every little helps and the more people that do a little every day can create a huge difference x

    Liked by 1 person

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