Everyone Needs a Name

Sometimes this blog gets a bit heavy and every so often I try to lighten it up with something not so… heavy. A few people have asked about the name of the blog “The Crumby Vegan” and so I thought I’d write about that for this entry. I hope you don’t find it heavy! 

I started learning about veganism four years ago. I wasn’t ready to give up eggs and dairy at that point, so I used the excuse that there were no vegan options in the local restaurants (even though there were). So with the help of Wonderful Husband’s fab cooking, I thought that being vegan at home and vegetarian when eating out was a good compromise. 

I loved going out for cheese and onion toasties, cheese and mushroom omelettes, pizza and ice-cream. I chose to protest the suffering and death of animals when indoors, but when I went out I was totally ok with it…

After almost a year of compromising I started writing this blog, documenting my struggle to go vegan in my small Spanish town. I needed a name for my blog that I could identify with that would describe how bad I was doing at trying to go vegan. After searching for hours I found ‘crumby’ meaning ‘wretchedly inadequate’. The Wretchedly Inadequate Vegan was spot on but The Crumby Vegan was a lot catchier. Hence “The Crumby Vegan” was born. 

Once I started writing blog articles about the suffering and death of animals, it wasn’t so easy to ignore the suffering and death when eating out at restaurants, and about a month later I went totally vegan. Instead of wanting a cheese and onion sandwich in the local bar, I would opt for a mushroom and onion sandwich. Instead of ordering a cheese and mushroom omelette at our favourite tapas restaurant, I would order chips, mushrooms, bread, tomatoes, artichokes and have a vegan feast. I could still have pizza, I just ordered it without cheese and it turns out almost everywhere sells vegan ice-cream. It became easy to say no to dairy and eggs for the sake of animals. 

Even after I went totally vegan I decided to keep the name of the blog. You see, the more you go vegan (if that makes sense) the more you learn about animals suffering as a consequence of general everyday actions. No matter how much I dislike it, animals die as a result of my life choices. My choice to walk, my choice to eat, my choice to use technology, my choice to live in a nice house etc. So even though I’m vegan, I’m still crumby because veganism isn’t about being perfect, it’s about doing the best you can.

Phew, you’ll finally be able to sleep at night now you don’t have to ponder the origin of The Crumby Vegan 😉 

Side note: Just incase you’re interested, it’s pronounced ‘crum-my’ as the ‘b’ is silent and the name doesn’t imply that I am ‘full of crumbs’ which was another, more amusing, dictionary entry. 

Thanks for reading (and sticking with the nonsense I write sometimes) 🙂 💚

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