Still loving life. Still loving food. Still not dying from protein deficiency.

Crazy times. 

Yep, it’s my third vegan anniversary today – huzzah!

Despite the common misconceptions about a vegan diet (lacking in iron, calcium, protein…) I’ve had a pretty clean bill of health over the last three years, aside from the common cold striking every now and then. However, aside from my great health, the three years haven’t all been golden, there have been a few hairy moments…

My Hair

During an appointment getting my hair cut, my hairdresser proclaimed that I was losing my hair. I was so worried. “You must be deficient in something” she said. Was the vegan diet making my hair fall out? Weirdly I’d had my blood tested a few months beforehand and everything looked great (you can check it out here). The hairdresser then went on to try and sell me her (very expensive!) shampoo and conditioner that would solve all of my hair issues, not my fake vitamin deficiency.

That was 9 months ago and I still have the same amount of hair, although to be fair I haven’t counted the strands…

My Teeth

I went to a new dentist as they were offering free initial consultations. The dentist said I had three tiny cavaities. This was really worrying as I thought my teeth were fine and I had been looking after them. Was the vegan diet destroying my teeth? He then proceeded to book me in for an appointment to fill my three cavities and a cleaning (that I hadn’t asked for) all coming to over €300.

I then got a second opinion from a different dentist, one where you pay for the initial consultation. He said my teeth were fine.

My Lactose Intolerance

This one is real. My lactose intolerance is now a problem since going vegan.

I was lactose intolerant for many years before going vegan. I would eat pizza and then I would throw up, I had accepted that was the price I had to pay for loving cheese. However, since not purposefully consuming dairy for the last three years, my body has become quite an impressive dairy detector and it can get scary at times.

You’d think that being lactose intolerant wouldn’t be a problem for a vegan because they don’t consume dairy and you’re absolutely right, unless something goes wrong with your order at a restaurant. On more than one occasion I didn’t make it to the toilet.

I’ll just leave that there. 

All in all, I’ve had no problems with veganism over the last three years, it’s actually been a great experience and I look forward to many more years as a vegan. For the majority of people, transitioning to a vegan diet can feel amazing and if you have even the slightest remorse for animals and their day-to-day plight, I would seriously consider at least reducing your meat, dairy and egg consumption.

Although to be clear, you won’t feel any better if you just swap your McDonalds beef burger for a McDonalds vegan burger. Vegan or not, that stuff is not good for you 🙂

Vegan Calculator tells me that over the last three years I’ve saved 1,204,500 gallons of water, 32,850 sq. ft of forest, 1095 animal lives, 43,800 pounds of corn and I’ve not contributed to 21,900 lbs of Co2. So if you care about the environment and/or you’re an animal lover then veganism is for you. I know it’s for me. 

Thanks for reading 💚



3 thoughts on “#3YearsVeganToday

  1. GrAnnie says:

    Great writing as usual Zoe.
    As your grannie i’m quite disturbed about the lactose effect on you, I guess going vegan was a great idea and has many benefits and keeps you healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment.

      I would also be very disturbed about my lactose intolerance if I were a baby cow 😉 but it is natural to lose the tolerance I had (very little of it in the first place) if you don’t eat the food. Let’s hope I have no more mishaps at restaurants 💚


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