The Crumby Vegan Food Diary (Feat. Crumpets)

When you think of vegan food, what comes to mind?

Salad leaves, celery sticks and air?

So to dispel those ‘air’ rumours (and I hate celery!) I thought I’d post an article on what I eat in a week. Seemed like a good idea at the time but it actually took a lot of commitment. Also, be prepared for some unhealthy eating. If it were up to Wonderful Husband he’d have me on a super healthy regime, but sometimes he has to work and then I get to drive the kitchen to vegan junk food victory. 

So for a week I decided to record everything I ate. I’ve also plugged everything into Chronometer, but talking about that will make this blog post way too long so I might talk about that in the next article. 

Note: On the previous Saturday (20th of July 2019) we bought 6 packs of crumpets, so expect to see a lot of crumpets

Monday 22nd of July 2019

I started the beginning of the week with two lovely crumpets and an olive-oil based margarine. Then for lunch we had homemade Chickpea Burgers (we make them in bulk and freeze) with oven chips. Wonderful Husband also made a lassi (yogurt, cinnamon, dates and bananas) to go with lunch (but this isn’t a normal occurence so he was probably just trying to impress you guys).

Mega Pro Chef Jim is actually going to try these burgers and let us know what he thinks (the pressure!!). 

UPDATE: He lovvvvvvvvved them.

Later on we went to the beach to chillax (awful word) and took a tub of fruit with us. We were still stuffed from the burgers so we didn’t eat too much. Then for dinner we had Broccoli, Avocado and Lime Salad with tempeh. 




Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

Guess how i started Tuesday… With crumpets? You’re right. I had two crumpets with Violife cheese – it’s soooo good. Then I snacked on lots of fruit (the leftovers from the day before) whilst Skyping Lovely Auntie Lynne (I know, so healthy right?).

For lunch we had left-over broccoli, avocado and lime salad with tempeh and after I remembered that Wonderful Husband had bought me non-dairy ice cream so that got a little bit eaten.

Just a little bit.

For dinner we had wholewheat pasta with fresh tomatoes, seitan sausages and a ton of nutritional yeast. It’s one of our favourite dinners! You can check out a photo of it here on my Instagram (as I might have forgotten to take a photo of it at the time).  


Wednesday 24th of July 2019

For breakfast I had crumpets (what else?!). Then for lunch we had The Ultimate Mediterranean Bowl which consisted of homemade hummus (thanks Wonderful Husband!), pitta bread, olives, garlic and chilli sauce and tomato, onion and parsley salad – it’s yummy!

In between meals Wonderful Husband and I shared a vegan magnum (Wonderful Husband doesn’t like chocolate and I don’t like too much ice cream, perfect combo). 

For dinner we had the Mediterranean bowl again but included some Linda McCartney scampi bites to bulk up the meal. 



Don’t judge my jigsaw skills until you show me proof that yours are better. 

Thursday 25th of July 2019

Ahhh my love for crumpets knows no bounds, hence I had them for breakfast on Thursday too, with a glass of oat milk – yum! For lunch we were super lazy and had jacket potato (my topping of choice is Violife cheese, if you microwave the cheese it becomes all gooey!).

For dinner we had Roasted Squash, Olive, Avocado and Rocket Salad. It’s really tasty and, again, to bulk it up we had Linda McCartney scampi bites. I also snacked on some chocolate covered cranberries throughout the day.



Friday 26th of July 2019

Crumpets, crumpets, crumpets. Oh how I love thy crumpet. On Friday I had crumpets for breakfast and then for lunch we had sandwiches and chips. In my sandwich I had hummus (homemade!), rocket, sunflower seeds and fried red onion. It was delicious!

For dinner we had the leftover butternut squash salad with tempeh. Throughout the day I nibbled on grapes and chocolate cranberries – trying to balance the unhealthy with some healthy. 


I love putting chips in my sandwiches. 

Saturday 27th of July  2019

No crumpets?! And I wasn’t even sick… No, just busy. So went straight into lunch and had sandwiches and chips again. It was a very similar sandwich to the one we had on Friday but this time it was with raw fermented cashew cheese and fried onions (we ran out of rocket, sigh).

To cool me down in the middle of the day, Wonderful Husband made me the loveliest smoothie with almond milk, frozen berries, banana and peanut butter – super healthy! It was yummy and Nutty Dog loved it too.

For dinner we had General Tso’s Tofu Stir-Fry. The making of this dish was not the nicest experience I’ve ever had and seemed like a lot of ‘faff’ but it could be that I started at 10pm when I was tired… So maybe I’m biased. 



Sunday 28th of July 2019

Ah, the last day of my Crumby Food Diary.

Alas, everything must come to an end.

Sunday was super busy so again we started with lunch but do not fear, I still managed to sneak in two crumpets later on!

Lunch was tofu stir-fry left-overs from Saturday. It wasn’t so painful to make this time because I’d done most of the prep the night before. 

Later on we went out for a slushy (sugary ice drink) but then I decided I didn’t want to buy a drink that would promote a ton of sugar in a one-use plastic cup, so I came home and made a yummy smoothie with mixed berries, almond milk, agave syrup and almond butter. I felt very content after my smoothie (and so did Nutty Dog).

Finally for dinner we had Crispy Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Asparagus. Wonderful Husband had to work so it was down to me to make this dish taste delicious… and I failed miserably. I would not recommend this dish unless you’re a culinary genius! 




So although there are a few salads sneaking around, there wasn’t one celery stick nor one gulp of air on the menu above. Vegans actually eat food. 

Crazy times. 

Wonderful Husband always wants to try new food so if you have any recommendations  for great vegan food I’d be super keen to hear them. Please comment below 🙂 

Thanks for reading 💚



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