Thanks to everyone for coming along today. I can only imagine how hard it is to share your personal stories with strangers, however this may prove to be a healing process for you. I’ll ask you all to introduce yourself and tell your story of why you’re here. Please only share as much as you’re comfortable with. 

Peter, would you like to go first? 

I’ll try.

Hi everyone, my name is Peter. I’m a little bit nervous, so bear with me please. I’m not sure how much detail I want to go into.

I’m here because I have a lot of painful memories that I’m struggling to cope with. I thought that by coming here I might be able to work through those memories and possibly let them go… 

I guess I’ll start with my first memory. I was incredibly young and surrounded by many others. One by one we were grabbed by one of our legs and dropped on to a table. The man then did something to me, something so horrifically painful that I feel sick when thinking about it. I didn’t know at the time, but now I know… He ripped off my genitals. 


Peter, you’re doing really well.

Another memory I struggle to deal with is of the death. I was constantly surrounded by death. So many died around me. There was nothing I could do, I was powerless. I stopped counting after the first hundred. Most would consider me as the lucky one because I survived, but most of the time I wanted to die. 

I really wanted to die. 

I’m not sure I can share anymore. Sorry. 

Of course Peter, you should only share as much as you’re comfortable with. I think you’ve done a great job.

Carol, would you like to go next?

Hmmm ok, I’ll try. I might get a little bit emotional though. 

That’s fine Carol, this is a safe space where you can openly express emotion if you want to. Feel free to start when you’re ready.


I’m also here because I struggle with things I’ve been through in the past.  

*takes a big deep breath*

I grew up without knowing my parents. I must have been taken away from them when I was born. I know this because I also went through the same thing with my children. It was standard procedure where I was kept. 

First they would rape me, until I fell pregnant. Then as soon as I gave birth, they would take my child. Then they raped me again. 


I couldn’t protect them. The guilt I feel for letting them take away my children is sometimes too much to handle. 

This was my life until I couldn’t get pregnant anymore. Then I was useless to them and they sold me. That’s when I escaped, but I know my children didn’t get away. I know they killed the boys and raped the girls. 

It was hell and I cry every day because of it. 

Sorry, I don’t know if I can say much more.

No, no, that’s absolutely fine Carol. You have shared such an important part of your life with us. I hope that sharing your traumatic experiences has helped you heal in some way.

Christina, would you like to share your story with the rest of the group?

Actually yes, thank you. I’m ready to talk about this. I’m very angry and I think talking about it might help. 

You see, I was just kept in a cage. Yes they abused me as a child, they cut off certain parts of me as you can probably tell, but then they just kept me in a cage. I spent almost my whole life in that cage. It’s sick to think that I miss the security of that cage now. I was so brainwashed into thinking that life should be that way. I thought that I deserved to be kept in a cage. 

I’m very angry. We have one life and, like everyone else here, my freedom and happiness were taken away. These sickos don’t care who gets hurt, who suffers or who dies as long as they’re making their money. I hate them. 


Sorry, I’m… I’m sorry. 

Christina you have nothing to apologise for. We are all entitled to feel the emotions we are experiencing. 


I truly, truly hate them for what they did to all of us. If we were humans then they wouldn’t treat us this way. I didn’t choose to be born a chicken, Peter didn’t choose to be born a pig and Carol didn’t choose to be born a cow, but this seems to give those humans the right to abuse us and our families.

Until the animal farming industry is over, billions of farm animals will continue to suffer and die. Please do not support these practices and instead choose vegan food. If you need any help in transitioning then I’m here for you 💚


22 thoughts on “Counselling

  1. Jasmine M. says:

    Wow… I never thought about it this way. The part that really got me was when you mentioned the genitals being ripped off. It really opened my eyes.. Thanks for sharing.

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