A Milk Comparison

A quick comparison of how to make cow’s milk versus oat milk – enjoy!

Cow’s Milk

  • Collect the semen

It’s unlikely that a bull would be introduced to a cow in the dairy industry and instead the semen is collected. This is done by confining the bull to a squeeze chute (also known as a livestock crush) with a head gate to lock his head in to stop him from moving. Then the bull has an electric probe inserted into his rectum to induce electroejaculation. The semen is then collected and sent to a dairy farm.

  • Put the semen into the cow

This step is done by putting the cow into a squeeze chute so they are unable to move (just like the bull). Then once ready (sperm and apparatus), the human will put their gloved hand inside the cow’s rectum and at the same time insert the artificial inseminator gun through the cow’s cervix and vagina to reach her uterus. Here, the human will leave the semen and hope to impregnate the cow.

This is called rape when done to humans (unless the cow signed a document to say she was happy to go along with the process). 

  • Take away the baby cow

Approximately nine months later (similar to humans) a calf is born. It’s important to take the calf away so he doesn’t ‘steal’ his mother’s milk.

  • Milk the cow

Attach vacuum cups to the cow’s teats which connect to large refrigerated vats where the milk will be stored.

  • Pasteurisation and ultrafiltration

The milk is then heated up for a short amount of time to kill the bacteria in the milk. If this process doesn’t take place, then the milk is considered ‘raw milk’ and is illegal/restricted in many countries.

The milk is also passed through a membrane which remove the fat globules.


Oat Milk

  • Plant oats

Plant oats in an area where they can get sun throughout the day.

Water, water, water. 

  • Harvest oats

After six months, harvest the dried seed heads. Do this by snapping the seed heads off, then cracking them open to get the grain. Store the grains in a cool, dry place for three months.

  • Make oat milk

Add oats and water to a high-speed blender. Then strain through a clean cloth.

One milk seems far less cruel and troublesome than the other, so I know which one I prefer. Which one do you prefer?

Thanks for reading 💚




40 thoughts on “A Milk Comparison

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Ahh you sound mega Soph!

      Do you make your own oat milk? I have to confess I haven’t got to that ‘milk level’ yet (and I don’t have space to grow my own oats) haha… My supermarket is way too close 🙂

      I completely agree with your comment about the milk industry and I appreciate you taking the time to write 💚


  1. Sophie Stuart says:

    Nope we also don’t have the place to grow our own oats, but I have seen some pretty awesome recipes for making your own oat milk! Although I think my supermarket will do just fine for now haha
    Honestly whenever someone asks about why I’m vegan from now on, I’ll just show them this, you did such an amazing job of pointing out how… well how terrible the dairy industry is

    Liked by 1 person

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