My Crumby Cumpleaños

I have a few heavy articles in the pipeline, so considering it was my birthday yesterday, I thought I would use my special day as an opportunity to write a pretty easy-going article – nothing that might stir any emotion (except for pure birthday happiness). So now let’s talk all things birthday (and vegan)… Yahhh!

Well, it all started the day before my birthday. As a little birthday treat to myself, I had ordered a raspberry plant and a blueberry plant to pick up the day before my birthday. I’m really enjoying gardening at the moment… This is my balcony:


Unfortunately when I got to the shop to pick them up, they were way too big (double the size the lady had said it would be) and they didn’t look very healthy, so I left the shop without them. Sigh. Was this a glimpse of my birthday to come?

Worst. Day. Before. Birthday. Ever… 😉 

After struggling with the grief of not taking home my two new buddies (yea, my plants are my buds!) Wonderful Husband turned it all around by waking me up at midnight singing Happy Birthday with a yummy vegan pistachio cake that he had made from scratch (cover photo). I blew out the candles and we sat up for 20 minutes filling our bodies with sugar before trying to sleep again. 

Nutty Dog gave me birthday snuggles. 

Mini-hikeWe woke up early on my birthday morning so Nutty Dog and I decided to go for a mini hike to the mountain (shown in the balcony photo). I love walking in nature away from cars and buildings etc., so this was a real treat for the both of us and a perfect way to start my birthday. 

teaandcakeOnce we got home I treated myself to a cup of tea and another slice of birthday cake. 

Yes, more cake. It’s a big cake!

I mention the tea because it’s a real treat for me as I wouldn’t normally drink it at home. I grew up drinking several cups of tea a day in England (it’s the law) but in Spain I don’t drink it at home because *I thought* all tea bags were made from plastic and therefore polluting our planet. However, since writing that last sentence I have googled and found out that Clipper (the brand of tea I used to buy) no longer use plastic. Hooray! 

I’m off to make my teeth yellow again!

Then with tea and cake in one hand, Nutty Dog and I opened the presents and cards with the other (thanks to everyone that sent me something!). It turned out that Lovely Mum and Step-Dad Paul (as well as donating money to Animal Ethics for my birthday) had sent me English Breakfast loose tea, because of how I felt about the bags – so thoughtful! They sent me the drink, that I never drink at home, and I opened it at home whilst I was drinking the drink that I never drink. 

Could it get crazier? Probably not. 

As well as the loose tea and the charity donation, I also lucked out with my other super presents this year. 


On top of that Mega Auntie Alison and Uncle Alan sent me money which I will be donating to an animal organisation and I’ve also been told to expect a few other presents including a plant from Lovely Auntie Lynne and Lovely Uncle Pat – yahhh! 

Then my birthday got EVEN BETTER when Mega Friend Mark had randomly got in touch to say that him and Mega Wife Kez had watched Forks Over Knives (a vegan doco) the day before and wanted some recommendations for vegan recipes.

My birthday is so cool!

Then Wonderful Husband woke up and we went for my birthday lunch. Wonderful Husband had made a reservation for a restaurant in Dénia called El Portet de Donya Paca. He had told them in advance that I was vegan and they didn’t disappoint in presenting me with dishes that matched (or exceeded) the dishes of my omnivore counterpart. I was so impressed… and stuffed!

We then came home to watch Arsenal versus Bournemouth. It’s a football thing. Wonderful Husband supports Arsenal and fortunately they won. 

Phew, if Arsenal had lost my birthday luck would have been to blame!

Once we had digested our lunch (and had more cake!) we went for a lovely scenic walk along the coast with Nutty Dog. Here he is looking cute… 


Finally the day was coming to an end so we grabbed some Chinese takeaway, headed home and for my birthday finale, we watched the new pro-vegan documentary Game Changers. I would definitely recommend vegans and non-vegans to watch this film as it is incredibly informative!

My birthday was pretty vegan badass, right?

So that was my wonderful and amazing birthday, filled with all the things I love and made possible by my mega family and friends. 

I’m off to eat more cake. Thanks for reading (and go vegan) 💚

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