My Crumby Blood Test Results (3rd Year)

Good news! I finally found my way into the Spanish health care system, however this meant that I’m writing about my annual blood test three months later than normal because everything takes sooooo much longer now. But it’s free.

If you don’t count all the tax. 

Anyway, long story short: my blood test results were great, just like in 2017 and 2018!

Unfortunately I wasn’t tested for B12, iron, Vitamin D etc. and instead just general blood work was checked. The doctor said that this was the basic blood test and the results should highlight if there were any underlying problems that needed investigating. There isn’t. The doctor also said that I can request to have all vitamins and minerals tested next year (which I will do).

The only blip in my results was my creatinine, which was sky high!

No one is perfect 😉 

High levels of creatinine can indicate problems with your kidneys (or in this case, my kidneys). However the doctor wasn’t at all bothered by my high creatinine levels as he indicated that every other value associated with my kidneys was comfortably within the healthy range. After a bit of amateur Googling (yes it is a word, I Googled it… Oh the irony) I’ve concluded that maybe I should eat less protein, but honestly who knows – not me.

When I die, blame the creatinine!

The other noticeable result was my cholesterol – it’s still fantastic. My good cholesterol (HDL) improved and my bad cholesterol is around the same level as last year and still wayyyyyyy below the upper boundary. To show you how good my cholesterol was, I even made a couple of graphs to give you an idea of how it’s changed over the years…


So overall, veganism seems to be keeping me alive. For all those non-vegan non-believers, click here to throughly examine my 2019 blood test results for yourself.

Enjoy and thanks for reading 💚

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