The Prisoner

Er… Excuse me. I seem to be stuck in here.

Oh hi, welcome! So happy you’ve woken up!

Woken up? Where am I?

Oh you’re at the zoo! To be more specific, you are in the panda exhibit. You’re our new star of the show. You’re so lucky!

Wait, what? I don’t understand. I’m in an exhibit? This isn’t making sense. Can you let me out?

Oh I can’t let you out. This is where you live now. 

I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t live here. I live with my family. Where is my family? 

I have no idea. You came here alone.

I came here? I didn’t walk here myself, I’ve been kidnapped. Help me please. I need to get home. 

Oh I can’t do that. What if your species becomes extinct? Then we’ll be famous for having one of the last pandas. You’ll be a hero and repopulate your species!

Repopulate my species? I don’t want to be a hero. I want to go home. You’re actually going to keep me here for the rest of my life!? I want to be with my family. 

But if you go home then all our visitors won’t get to see a panda. 

What kind of selfish species are you? You want to keep me here to look at me!? Have you never heard of a book?!

Woah! Calm down. You should be grateful that you’re now going to be cared and looked after for the rest of your life. 

Are you insane? I should be grateful for you keeping me a prisoner?! Let me out!

Wait, sorry. We’ll talk another time. The first visitors are coming. Smile for the cameras!

If you truly love animals, don’t go to the zoo 💚

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