It’s OK to Eat Eggs

If you care about animals then it is definitely not OK to eat eggs. 

I’ve done my, very obvious, click-bait thing where I write a title to lure in you lovely non-vegans and then I ruin your day. 


So this post was inspired by a friend that eats eggs on the basis that they are “free-range”. It made me think about the hidden suffering that is a consequence of the egg industry. My friend and I were supposed to meet up to drink coffee and chat about eggs but the lockdown has made this impossible, hence this blog post was born.

Hold on to your vegan hats.

Free-Range ≠ Free Chickens

Fantastic marketing there, right?

The label free-range makes us think of chickens running around, having fun with their chicken-friends, in their big, luscious, green field. If I told you that this was not the case, you might think that I’m trying to fill your head with vegan propaganda, so let’s try something else. Here’s a task for you:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in “free-range factory farm egg”
  3. Click on images

I wouldn’t consider myself free if I were one of those chickens. 

Is Google lying to you too? I didn’t know Google was vegan. 

Male Chicks are Killed

So now we’ve covered how free-range chickens aren’t free chickens, let’s talk about anatomy.

Only female chickens lay eggs. What do you think the egg industry do with the male chicks? I won’t make you google this one as it can be incredibly distressing.

The egg industry encourage the killing of male chicks, normally a day or so after they’ve been born. Live male chicks are put through a macerator (the chicks are ground up alive) or suffocated. The methods tend to be the most cost-effective and least labor-intensive. 

Eating eggs = dead male chicks. 

Now I could name a lot more reasons for you to avoid eggs (like chickens being turned into pet food because they can’t lay eggs anymore or chickens suffering because they lay an unnatural amount of eggs) but Wonderful Husband says blog posts should be short and to the point.

So here is my point:

I’ll get a human child and then breed her. Then I’ll breed her daughters and grind up her sons. Then I’ll kill her when she stops producing children for me. I know this sounds atrocious, so I’ll call it free-range. Happy now?

Incase you don’t fancy eggs today (woohoo!) then here is a list of veganised egg dishes. Enjoy 💚



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