Dénia: The New Vegan Holiday Destination

For anyone that didn’t know already, I live in Dénia, a town on the East coast of Spain. This teeny tiny town is famous for its red prawn, but the tide may be turning in a vegan direction very soon.

Despite our small population of just over 40,000, our vegan community is thriving and Dénia boasts over 30 establishments offering yummy vegan options in our bountiful town. In addition to our wide variety of restaurants and cafés, Dénia has its very own vegan support group and hosts a busy calendar of animal activism events

Not too far from Dénia are neighbouring towns also hosting their very own vegan loveliness. You can see a list of the vegan-friendly restaurants surrounding Dénia here. Additionally, Dénia is only an hour drive from one of the most fantastic cities on Earth: Valencia. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to spend a long weekend there and I wrote this blog post about the vegan delights in Valencia. It is definitely worth a day trip when you visit.

Getting back to Dénia, we have two amazing, completely vegan establishments! We have our very own vegan (and eco-organic!) restaurant as well as a 100% vegan b&b. 

Let’s find out more…

Verdeando Eco

Verdeando Eco is a 100% vegan restaurant located on the sandy Las Marinas beach. They offer quesadillas to wraps, pizzas to burgers and pasta to (no-)fish, alongside a wide selection of home-made smoothies and drinks. 

Verdeando Eco may sound like your run-of-the-mill vegan restaurant but its not, they are incredibly unique. They use only whole-wheat, ecological and organic ingredients. They refrain from using any white sugar and use natural sweeteners like birch xylitol or yacon syrup instead. In their kitchen they use heavy duty titanium pots (one of the safest and healthiest metals to cook with!) and their oven is 50% steamed. Can you think of another restaurant that puts as much love and care into their food?

They even support the community by using local businesses to source their furniture and artwork. The cover photo is of a beautiful painting featured on one of the main walls in the restaurant. 

When you do visit this magnificent restaurant, I have a few recommendations: Their chicken sandwich “no-pollo sandwich” is my absolute favourite dish and I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. I also especially enjoy their fried fish dish “no-pescadito” and if you’re super hungry, then Wonderful Husband would highly recommend their home-made seitan Texan Burger to fill you up. 


Overall this restaurant offers a great experience for diners and Carlos, the owner, will always be keen to chat (in Spanish) and tell you what his restaurant has to offer. For more information, check out Verdeando Eco’s website

Vegan Life Energy Bed and Breakfast


Also located on the Las Marinas beach and a ten minute cycle from town is the 100% vegan Bed and Breakfast Vegan Life Energy. Tanya and her doggy are your lovely hosts at this wonderful b&b. Tanya makes everyone feel welcome, especially your non-human companions!

Every morning Tanya serves an impressive vegan spread for breakfast, including pancakes, croissants, tofu scramble, three-seed granola, porridge, green smoothies and chickpea omelettes. Gluten-free options are also available. 

The b&b offers a number of cool and calming rooms including double bedrooms, a studio apartment, a one bedroom apartment (with a private terrace and sea view!) and a two bedroom apartment. Whilst staying there you also have complete access to Tanya’s big and beautiful garden looking out on to the beach. 



Tanya is an exceptional host and will do her best to make you happy. She offers bikes for renting, paella for dinner on request and hosts laughing yoga sessions on weekday mornings. In addition to all of this, Tanya opens her business to the local community every 4 months to host a vegan pot-luck for us locals. You can check out her website to find out more about accommodation and prices.

Here in Dénia, we are entering Phase 2 of our lockdown very soon, which means that people are allowed to go to restaurants and bars for table service. So us locals need to make an effort to support these vegan businesses survive and thrive. For you non-locals, you need to seriously check out Dénia (when you’re allowed to travel again).

With beautiful weather almost all year round, Dénia is definitely the town to visit if you’re a vegan yearning for a holiday and you’re sick of the hustle and bustle of European city breaks. Aside from all of the vegan joy in Dénia, the town also offers the beautiful mediterranean sea, the magnificent mountain El Montgó and us wonderful locals. When you come, you won’t be disappointed 💚

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