I often go to the beach with Nutty Dog. Since we’ve been on lockdown, there have been more fishers at the beach. The other day I saw a fisherman yank on his fishing line and propel two fish out of the sea, dragging them from their home. They hung from the line, their bodies thrashing side to side. The fisherman pulled them off of his hook and dropped them into a bucket where they would die.

My first thought was to go and confront the man. I decided against this as I’m not sure that confrontation is the answer in this situation.

Also my Spanish is atrocious.

Then I thought about just jumping around in the water near the fisherman so the fish would swim away and not get caught, but I thought that might be antagonistic too.

I’m not an antagonist. 

Lastly I thought about using the experience to write a blog post. The two fish have inspired this, short but sweet, article and they will not have died in vain if just one reader decides to cut down on their animal products after reading this blog post.

Will you be that person?

The rest of this post will talk about a simple idea that I hope lingers in your mind forever more.

Let’s talk about screaming. 

Fish can’t scream. It’s not that they don’t scream, it’s not that they don’t feel pain or have a desire to live. They are not capable of screaming. But imagine if they could. How would it sound?

I’ve included a sound clip below incase you’d like to try and imagine a fish screaming.

If you are a fisher, would you still go fishing if the fish were to scream every time you caught one? Imagine every time you caught a fish, you’d pull your line up and the fish would appear from the water screaming in agony. Wouldn’t that be off-putting?

Or envision going to the beach. You’re laying out in the sun and relaxing. Now imagine hearing the screams of fish being caught and tangled up in the fishing lines nearby. You might even hear them struggling for breath whilst they slowly suffocate.

I don’t think the beach would be such a relaxing place to hang out in this scenario. 

Imagine how it feels to have a hook caught in your mouth. Imagine how much you would scream. Imagine the pain and terror you’d experience as someone pulls the hook out of your mouth, ripping your cheek flesh, all whilst you are dying.

That’s like someone shooting you in the stomach, and whilst you lay there dying, the shooter starts digging around in your stomach to get his bullet back.

Imagine being caught in a net. Imagine your screams of terror as you are slowly being pulled into water against your will. Once you’re in the water you can no longer breathe. You suffer and then you die. 

Fish can’t scream. So if you eat fish, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you haven’t been the reason for another sentient being to have suffered, just because the victim died in silence.

If the idea of a fish screaming has had any effect on you, get in touch if you’d like help in going fish-free or better yet, going vegan 💚

3 thoughts on “Screaming

  1. Geddy says:

    I think this misunderstanding that fish “don’t feel pain” is a big reason for being pescatarians rather than full-on vegetarians or vegans. It’s easy to see that land mammals feel pain, since they are far more like us than fish, but fish (being silent) don’t register on their radars.

    The more I think about your last few paragraphs, the shittier I feel for all the times I’ve gone fishing in my life, when I didn’t know that they felt pain like that. All I can do now is educate and keep being vegan!

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    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      I think you’re absolutely right. I had a conversation with my mum about fish not being able to scream but if they could then it is very likely that they would when being killed. She went almost immediately vegetarian after that.

      I can understand you feeling sad about the times you went fishing, but I think you’re amazing for being vegan and promoting the vegan message. You’re saving far more animals now than you have ever hurt and that’s what is more important 💚

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