Farming Humans vs Pigs

Question of the day: Why do we farm pigs for consumption but not humans?

Comment below. I can’t wait to read your answers!

Predictable answers:

The difference is we are humans so we can’t eat humans. 

Vegans, you’ve heard this one before right?

Actually both humans and pigs are animals. Choosing to kill one for your taste pleasure and not another is speciesist. There is no distinguishable difference between the two species that means we should eat one and protect the other. Feel free to comment below if you think you know of a difference that disproves what I’ve just said.

Warning: I will debunk you. 

So if you’re not speciesist and you eat pigs then you need to start killing and eating humans too 😉

The difference is that a baby human will become an adult and likely to be more intelligent than a pig. This means they could potentially do more good in the world and should not be farmed. 

Ah the “potential” argument. Good one.

You’re totally right – adult humans do tend to be more intelligent than adult pigs. So let’s farm humans that have intellectual disabilities. We’ll farm the ones that will never exceed a mental age of two years old – roughly the same as a pig. Now it’s ok?

Phew! Glad we sorted that out. 

The difference is that pigs are bred to be eaten and humans are not.

But we could breed humans to eat them.

Problem solved. 

For a more in depth response to this argument, you can check out this blog post here.

The difference is that there would be less meat on a human than there would be on a pig. 

Finally a good point! But it’s fixable… 

We could genetically modify farmed humans so that they grow faster. We could also keep them in spaces that restrict their movements. Realistically we could probably fatten them up enough that by the time they reach a year old, they’ll be market weight and we can kill them.

They’d fatten up fast. Lovely, fatty one year old human meat.

If you’ve got an issue with farming human children or humans with intellectual disabilities then you should have an issue with farming pigs.

Good luck with your conscience! Go vegan 🙂



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