updated_timelineMy road to veganism has been a long one.

I have always loved animals but I grew up thinking it was normal to eat meat. At university, I met new people with different backgrounds and amongst them was a pescatarian. Before this time I had simply associated a cow to be food and not necessarily an animal that could experience fear or pain, but after talking to my pescatarian buddy for many months I made the decision to not eat meat anymore. 

For years I maintained a pescatarian diet until I stumbled upon a similar realisation: fish feel pain too. And so my vegetarian era began. The vegetarian diet suited me perfectly as I love cheese… Until I stumbled upon a video showing the procedures that farm animals normally go through. The video was 5 minutes long but I only managed about 45 seconds. I’ve not been the same since. Then after a short battle with cheese… 


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To get slightly more personal,  I am wife to Wonderful Husband and mother to Nutty Dog. Wonderful Husband and I moved to sunny Dénia in June 2015. In August 2015 we fostered (and subsequently adopted) Nutty Dog. 

Slowly, in the last year, I have also become more involved in animal activism and in the process have started a Facebook Page. I hope to continue to do all I can to help animals.  

This blog was supposed to be all about my journey to become vegan… But I got there sooner than expected. So now the blog is about anything and everything surrounding veganism, activism and sometimes Dénia. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy 💚