Lovely Auntie Lynne and Uncle Pat had their beautiful cat Chestnut (adopted from a shelter) for over 20 years. When Chestnut sadly passed, they decided not to get another cat and instead foster cats that were more in need of a home. Since Sept 2015 they have rescued 29 cats from the shelter and found them loving homes. 

Lynne also completed a Cat Care course in Sept 2016. She learnt how to interpret their behaviour and prevent the spread of diseases. On top of this, my lovely auntie and uncle make monthly donations to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection. They also help big (and little) spiders a safe passage outside of their house. 

Lovely Auntie Lynne has even started drinking Alpro soy milkshakes and she has started looking into different recipes that she could try that are more plant-based, although this is problematic considering she hates vegetables haha! 💚