Dean and Mari are one of the loveliest couples I know. They are lovely but in addition they always keep an eye out for their neighbour’s cats and feed them when the neighbours go on holiday. 

In July 2016, Dean became a hero for one little bird. The tiny animal had got trapped in their home ventilation. Dean had to cut open the ventilation system and help him out. Then in Sept 2016, Dean and his family stopped their bike ride to help a cat that was covered in ticks. Dean pulled them all off bare-handed. We need more heroes like Dean!

On top of this, Dean watched a video on the animal suffering that goes on in factory farms. He has been very open and honest in his discussions with me. “i get they have to slaughter the animals. its just why they torture the animals…the way they treated the animals in the video cannot be justified, really there was no need for what they were doing.” If more people were like Dean (ate meat but learnt about the conditions the animals were in) then factor farming would have no place in this world.