Yes he truly is a nut, but a really friendly nut!

Craig doesn’t know it, but he was born to save animals. Several times in his life, instead of turning away from an animal in need, he has shown compassion to the animals that needed him the most. 

Age 9, Craig talked his dad into getting a dog for the family. Instead of going to a breeder, Craig wanted to rescue a dog from a shelter. At the shelter, he noticed a small dog getting bullied at the back of the cage and Craig insisted that the family adopt him. Charlie (new dog!) became a loved member of the family until he peacefully passed away, in Craig’s arms, 12 years later. 

Next animal life-saving mission was back in 2008, Craig heard about a stray puppy that was at an abandoned house, so he did the only thing he could do… He went and saved her! New puppy became Gina and Craig idolised her. 

One of Nutty Friend Craig’s most recent savings was when a dog befriended him whilst he was dining at a restaurant. After being unsuccessful in his search for the dog’s family, Craig took the dog home for the night. The next morning Craig took the dog to the local police station so that the dog could be found by his family. This is a true act of kindness, but Craig went one step further. He gave the policeman his number so that if the family could not be located, Craig would take the dog as his own. A bittersweet ending meant that Craig did not get a call from the policeman and so we can only hope that the family came to collect their dog. 

Finally, not only is Nutty Friend Craig a dog rescuer(!!) but he also doesn’t get mad when I sign petitions using his email to get more signatures. Fortunately for me it isn’t illegal because I tell him months later 😂