Dénia is not only a super vegan-friendly place but we are lucky enough to have a lot of super vegan-friendly places in the towns nearby too.


Oceana Club

Oceana Club have only this year (2019) released a fully veganised menu for us to enjoy. They have a huge selection of options and the views there are fantastic so I would definitely recommend for a special occasion.

Recommendation: Battered Mushrooms and Salted Caramel Icecream.



This place is such a treat and if you’re visiting Dénia then definitely take a bus or car to Tribus. Not only is the food amazing there, but it’s run by the coolest family and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Their menu focuses on plentiful dishes such as burgers, fish and chips and bbq’d fake meats, however they are incredibly seasonal and offer a variety of additions depending on the time of the year.

As well as serving fab food, this restaurant often offer vegan cookery classes and they really are worthwhile so make sure to keep a track of their social media and find out when the next one is coming up.

Recommendation: Definitely their fish and chips!


Serra Pastisseria

If you’re looking for a bakery then you MUST go here. Serra Bakery serve vegan cheese croissants, vegan chocolate croissants, vegan cakes, vegan buns… The list goes on. What more could any vegan want for a yummy vegan breakfast? It’s not easy to get here by bus (you’d have to go on to Gandia and then change for a bus there) but if you have a car then I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to go every morning. 


La Cocina 

Located a five-min walk from the port on a quiet street, this family-run restaurant has a chef who is plant-based and the staff have a great understanding and respect for veganism. They have a specific vegetarian and vegan menu, and are very open to adaptations upon request. They stock vegan ice cream and plant milks and even have a vegan red wine on the menu (not labelled, but you can check Barnivore). The food is genuinely delicious, very inventive and flavourful with not a bland salad in sight. Most of their options can also be made gluten-free.


I do not recommend vegans (or anyone with a food allergy) to dine at salt.

If you would like more information, please find my TripAdvisor review here 🙂  


As the only 100% plant-based café in Jávea, V-Thos is most vegans’ first choice for breakfast or lunch. Usually closing at 4pm, evening set menus are occasionally offered. V-Thos have recently released a new menu and I must say it’s a huge improvement on their old one as it now contains the most amazing hotdogs I’ve ever tasted. You must try! 


For everyone that dines at these restaurants, it is so important that we spread a friendly vegan message. So don’t forget to give them fantastic ratings on both TripAdvisor and HappyCow 🙂