Eating Meat is Totes Natural

A wise man once said

“Put an apple and a bunny rabbit in a crib with a toddler. I’ll eat my hat if the toddler plays with the apple and eats the rabbit”.

People argue that eating meat is natural but I think we have confused something being normal with something being natural. To make this point a bit clearer, let’s do a comparison. First off, do we all agree that it’s natural for a lion to eat meat? Yes… OK, let’s proceed: Human vs. lion. 

How do they find meat?

Lion: The lion stalks their prey. Then at the optimum time, with all of their speed and strength, they attack. The cause of death will most likely be suffocation, as the lion clasps their jaws around the neck of their prey, crushing the windpipe. 

Human: The human stalks their prey at the supermarket where they browse through the plastic packets of butchered meat, before selecting the one that looks the tastiest and within budget.

If eating meat was natural, try catching a rabbit with only your mouth whilst running around on all four limbs (I’ve made it easier by choosing a rabbit instead of a gazelle).

How do they eat meat?

Lion: Using their razor-sharp claws they slash open the abdomen in order to feed on the entrails. After the entrails they will normally feast on the hind of the animal. Their huge canines are used for tearing apart the meat. 

Human: Using their razor sharp knives they open the plastic wrapping and transfer the meat into their cooking device of choice. They season with plants and once ready, eat the meat with the aid of knives and forks. 

If eating meat was natural, try eating the rabbit (you just caught) using only your teeth and razor sharp claws.

What do they eat?

Lion: Everything possible. They’ll rip away the fur and feast on whatever they can. 

Human: Everything possible… *Joke*. Not much to be fair. Many species of human are very picky about which animal and body part they will consume. The unwanted parts of the animal will be used in hotdogs, pet food etc. 

If eating meat was natural, try consuming the whole rabbit. The entrails, the eyes, the feet, the testicles…  

We castrate and tail-dock piglets that are only a few days old.
We keep innocent animals behind metal bars.

We burn off the beaks of chicks.
We artificially inseminate cows.

There is nothing natural about eating meat. 

However, it is natural to care for innocent animals, as we do for cats and dogs. 

If you would like help in learning about veganism or reducing the animal products in your diet, then please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or contact me via the link here. I’m not a judger, I’m a hand-holder 💚

This post was inspired by the mega and ever so edgy article The Human by Dig Out Your Soul.

54 thoughts on “Eating Meat is Totes Natural

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      I had exactly the same feeling when someone would tell me it’s super natural to eat meat. It’s only recently I understood why they say it, because we’re told it from such a young age.

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Always mega to hear from another vegan 🙂 💚

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  1. Jane S. Susaeta says:

    This is an interesting read! I am trying to shift to vegetarian diet (not vegan yet) cause ive heard really good things about it. A friend of mine who was a meat eater changed his diet to vegan and is now doing marathons!! Sometimes it makes sense… think about horses and bulls and other animals that eat grass…..they have more stamina than many meat eater animals like lions that primarily rely on ambush to get food.

    Jane @
    I blog about my journey to financial freedom and changing my life

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    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Your comment is so insightful Jane!

      As well as transitioning to vegetarian or vegan, people tend to look more at what they eat and almost always become healthier and even sometimes more athletic (like your friend!).

      And I totally agree with your comment about the animals. I love using the quote ‘I get my protein where your protein get’s its protein from’ haha 🙂

      If you ever need any help with your transition then please don’t hesitate to get in touch but sounds like you’re doing mega already 💚


      1. Officially Chic says:

        I’ve always done them with only an end date in mind, like a 21 day challenge or a 90 day challenge. I’ve never fully committed to it as a total lifestyle change. And to be honest, I could go without meat for the most part but cutting out dairy products is the hardest for me.

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      2. The Crumby Vegan says:

        Wow that shows some strength to be doing challenges like that though!

        I know how you feel about dairy, cheese in particular. I found milk easy to swap over but I loveeeeedddd cheese. One day I just decided I was ready to stop. I’m sure that time will come for you if you want it to, especially with the mega vegan alternatives to cheese coming out ! 🙂 💚


  2. Mallory @ Cheers Years says:

    A very interesting way of putting it! My husband and I eat mostly plant-based at home but will occasionally eat fish and chicken from a local farmer if we visit my parents in the mountains. Honestly, we never feel deprived of taste & flavor because there are so many yummy veg dishes out there!

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  3. Emily Abbey from says:

    Continuing my gentle journey into a more meat free life, I did actually pick up a load of grains and dried beans with my groceries yesterday and thought of you! Also, the children are converted to the wonders of snacking on nuts! I think our gradual changes will make this change of diet and lifestyle more long lasting than if we just went cold turkey (what a phrase!) over night. Now to convince my husband….

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    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Hahah loving the ‘cold turkey’ reference!

      I think it’s great that you’re moving steadily forward… It’s such a wonderful natural progression when you do it your way and it’s also not so overwhelming either. Loving that the kiddies are snacking on nuts!!

      Keep me updated on the husband status please… I’m having my own similar journey haha! 💚


    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      That’s fantastic Thabina. People usually find that going dairy-free is far harder than giving up meat so I admire your strength. Please do let me know how it goes and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions 💚


    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Thanks for the comment Laci. My objection in this particular article is that a lot of people try to justify eating meat by saying it’s natural. I hope to raise awareness against this argument. Glad your friends feel the same 💚


  4. Unfiltered Mama says:

    I’m a meat eater but I think this will raise awareness in a different point of view. I definitely never thought of it this way and it was nice to be introduced to it.

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  5. Amy Poulton - Page Traveller says:

    Hey, I’m not sure I agree with this, but thanks for sharing your perspective – it was really interesting. I eat meat, but I’m trying to cut down on red meat in particular and I’m always looking into alternative sources of protein e.g. insects. Would love to hear whether you think this same idea applies to fish, eggs and insects?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Hi Amy 🙂 Can you tell me what you disagree with?

      In answer to your question, I don’t think it’s natural for us to eat fish for the same reasons it isn’t natural fo us to eat meat (we farm fish, we are destroying the oceans by eating fish and we are also very selective about which part of the fish we want to eat). Eggs are very unhealthy for us and therefore not natural for us to eat (chickens shouldn’t lay so many eggs and when they did lay eggs they would normally eat them) and insects I think is just another protein go-to for people who don’t like the factory farming industry… So no I don’t think it’s natural considering we can get all of our protein from veggies.

      I really appreciate your questions and I look forward to hearing your thoughts 💚


  6. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree says:

    This is such a great way to flesh out this reasoning. I get this all the time too! It’s just so unnatural for humans to eat meat. It’s like you said, we can’t eat every part. But we can’t even eat it without cooking it! Lions or other carnivores have the natural tools to be able to properly hunt, kill, and digest their food. Humans have none of that naturally. We don’t have hunting skills without tools, we don’t have pointy teeth to rip and chew raw meat, and we can’t even digest it uncooked. Humans eating meat makes no sense! And yet somehow we’re the crazy ones for being vegan or vegetarian. It’s such a stigma in our society that eating meat is normal but all it really is is big business telling us that it’s normal. It’s all very backward.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Crumby Vegan says:

      Ah Christina you could have totally wrote my article for me and ten times better! You definitely know your stuff.

      Hopefully the world will start waking up to what they’ve been told is the norm… Because it’s totally not normal, haha! 💚


  7. The Natural Way says:

    Good article, very similar to my perspective, all of my research points towards meat being incompatible with our human biology, if we can’t eat it and obtain it in its natural form we should not be eating it. Carnivores have a short digestive tract and strong digestive enzymes to eliminate meat before it putrefies in their stomachs, humans have a long digestive tract and lack the digestive enzymes to break down the meat properly.

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